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15 Eye Catchy Modern Dining Room Lighting Trends

Thinking to make you dining room more awesome place of home?

Let's start a journey to decorate dining room more beautifully with lighting

So, we know dining room is a place where we eat delicious meals and discuss, how's the day had spent. It is good have a nice table set and wallpaper design in dining room, but this is not the end of decoration.

Lighting is the new to enhance beauty of any place. Nowadays, modern dining room lighting trends are getting popularity among the house owners.

In these two minutes you will clearly understood, how to choose a dining room light?and if you have confusion about fixture, here you will also get dining room lighting fixture ideas.

Here are 15 Eye Catchy Modern Dining Room Lighting Ideas

1. Bubbles Lights

As you can understand it from word bubble, it creates a delightful feeling in the dining space. You can easily found bubbles lights in two fixtures pendant as well as Chandelier fixturesAdd paragraph text here.

2. Design of Japanese Lighting

This is an antique light inspired from Japanese traditional art and design. The combination of modern dining table and metal chairs with Japanese light gives a cozy feel.Add paragraph text here.

3. Vintage Chandelier

Chandeliers brings center of interest in dining room. In past times, chandelier fixture usually know as traditional product, but today it comes in a variety of designs and vintage chandelier one of them.


Generally, vintage items are those that are antique and not less than 20 years old.

4. Paper Pendants

With Paper pendant you can save your money and give your dining space an elegant look. Yes, you got it right. It is one of the most affordable modern lighting for dining room.

5. Geometric Style

It's time to check your geometrical knowledge. Geometric modern pendant lighting comes different shapes like triangular, hexagonal and pentagonal, etc.

6. Sculptural Light

Sculptural light comes in interesting shapes, colors and materials. Most amazing things you can know about this dining room lighting that, it opens the unlimited possibilities of creating different type of art designs.

7. The Lantern Style

It may remind your grandpa's time. Don't think this design is too old, it comes in the list dining room lighting trends. You can find it in different sizes and colors on the internet.Add paragraph text here.

8. Crystal Chandelier

It made up highly transparent glass with a high refractive index. Crystal light fixture styles are extremely versatile comes in various shape, size and design.

9. Industrial Style

It is perfect for farm house dining room lighting. Usually farmhouse pendant light comes in industrial dome style look. So, why not get one for your farmhouse.

10. Wood light Pendant

These pendants are made up wood in different styles and designs. You can add this in your list of small dining room lighting ideas, as it will perfect for small spaces.

11. Fabric Lighting

In this style a bulb is simply attached to attaches to a beautiful fabric. You can easily make this in your home and also put an artwork on fabric similar to color of light.

If you live near pune and want to design your home interior, you can visit the link to find affordable interior designers in Chennai.

12. Glass Stone Light Pendant

It looks adorable and can create an elegant environment in small dining room. One of the advantage of glass stone pendant is it also works as an ornament in daytime.

13. Metal Pendant

Metal can be easily converted into shape and style as compares to glass and crystal. It is available in varieties of style for dining room lights with LED bulb in it.

14. Ceramic Lights

Your coffee cup may be made up ceramic material and now it is going to increase beauty of your dining hall. It is one modern dining room lighting trends in the market comes size and designs.

15. Capiz Shell Chandelier

Capiz shells also called glass oysters are harvested straight from the ocean. Capiz Shell Chandeliers are one of most expensive lighting for your home as it materials comes from ocean.

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