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Unique Kitchen Cabinet Designs Ideas


Kitchen is a special place in a home. 

This is the place where we cookdelicious foods in our daily life. Kitchen cabinets are undoubtedly thebackbone of the modern kitchen, and perhaps the part that demands a greatamount of attention from us. 

So, you should give it some special attention! 

You’ve likely noticed cabinetsoutside your home that you’d love to incorporate into your own kitchen. But,before you make the big decision to install new cabinets, make sure you knowthe differenttypes of cabinets, all of which are all beautiful options. 

Take a look at some of favouritekitchen cabinets design ideas. 


20 Types of Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 

1. BaseKitchen Cabinets

The most common style for cabinets today is the basestyle. The base cabinet style consists of 3 drawers. 

2. WallKitchen Cabinets 

Wall kitchen cabinet doors are probably the mostpopular typeof doors that can be found  in modular kitchens. 

3. Flat-Panelor Slab 

 Modern kitchen also known as slab cabinet doors,flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors are simple but stylish.  

4. MetalGrate Cabinets

These display cabinets with metal grate frontsinstead of traditional glass enclosures are a happy medium between closed andopen storage. 

5. InsetCabinets

 Get more usable space out of your kitchen inset bycustomizing it with extra cabinets and drawers. 

6. RecessedPanel Door Style

Kitchen cabinet doors in the recessed panel doorstyle are some of the sleekest looking ones, suited for modern as well asclassic kitchen cabinet designs. 

7. TallKitchen Cabinets

Tall kitchen cabinet style offers hard lines andminimalist form and lacks any expensive detail. 

8. SkirtedCabinets

I find skirted cabinets an interesting curiosity whenit comes to home decor. They are unique in that they give off a casual,inviting feel. 

9. DrawerCabinets

Drawer Cabinets present the most used part of kitchen.They are crucial for the functionality of excellent option for those who have superorganised kitchens. 

10. LockedCabinets

If you're worried about glassware, dishes andheirlooms falling out of cabinets, add a lock to the doors. It looks polishedand ensures safekeeping. 

11. MetalCabinets

Metal cabinets have been very popular recently. Theyare characterized by a Metal panel that then has a raised frame along theoutline of the cabinet. 

12. PortholeCabinets

Porthole kitchen cabinets are easy. Inexpensivemethod for turning a worn kitchen into something beautiful, warm and modern. 

13. WoodFinish Cabinets

Wood cabinets warm up a kitchen without having to usea light colour. For a more formal feel, use leather handle pulls. 

14. CornerCabinets

For a modern Provincial kitchen customize yourcabinets to fit into the corners. They'll come in handy when you need extrastorage space. 

15. Mixed-MaterialCabinets

While rustic or country kitchens fall under thetraditional kitchen design category, they are unique in that they give off acasual, inviting feel. 

16. Multi-ColourCabinets

You may not think of these at first, but Give yourkitchen more pizazz by painting your cabinet’s two different colours.A lighter colour will help them blend into a light backsplash, while a dark huewill ground the space. 

17. GroovedKitchen Cabinets

Grooved or wood panelled kitchen cabinets can becutting, edge and modern. This stunning space proves it. 

18. AccessorizedCabinets

The easiest way to upgrade your cabinets? Swap outyour knobs and handles. It's a whole new look without a major renovation. 

19. ModernArt-Inspired Cabinets

Many kitchen components, including appliances, colourschemes, and decor, are not afraid to have a little fun when designing art foryour kitchen cabinets.  

20.  Open Cabinets

Many craftsman kitchen components skip the doors andkeep your cabinets open. This will make cooking easier and will also allow youto keep your pretty cookware and tableware on display. 


These are some types of kitchen cabinet ideas for a house. Which one isyour favourite? Tell in the comment section. 

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